I figured the title would be enough to grab everyones attention. No need to elaborate any more on the name that evokes so much heated debate among fellow pipe smokers. I will forgo any attempt to delve further into the Dunhill Tobacco Odyssey, as my good friends at Pipe Lore have already covered that. You can read more about that here: Dunhill Tobacco Odyssey.

No, I decided to go another direction, one that I’m sure will still spark a bit of debate and disagreement. I have had the good fortune of enjoying a couple Dunhill blends, among them Early Morning Pipe and My Mixture 965. I have enjoyed both thoroughly with no complaints, then again, I have never had the pre-Orlik production of these blends. Actually, maybe that makes me lucky, because I find nothing wrong with the current production at all and cannot compare it to any previous production, but I digress.

My interest lies in another discussion that has droned on like my high school history teacher. The endless debate over the tinned version vs. the bulk version. I will only discuss EMP in this regard, as I have only had 965 in the tin and cannot compare it to its bulk counterpart. My first experience with EMP was the tin and right off the bat there were several things I noticed when opening it. The aroma is heavenly, in my opinion, although I have never been able to place it as far as a similarity to something else. The tobacco is packed in there nicely too, pressed into the tin and almost in a little block. The moisture content to me is perfect right out of the tin, requiring no drying time. Taste wise, well, it’s a great blend, it is smooth, sweet and really is perfect in the morning for my taste. Overall, if I had no option but to buy a tin, I would not hesitate. After getting about halfway through my tin, I was placing an order for a few other things and decided I should pick up a couple ounces of bulk EMP. I figured that since I had heard so much about the differences, I should see for myself, and it’s also cheaper to order in bulk of course. When my order arrived I was of course curious, so I dipped into the EMP. A few noticeable differences, the bulk was a bit different in the pouch aroma, not as sweet and musty smelling, but nothing wrong with it. It is a bit more dry than its tinned relative, but almost unnoticeable. My assumption is because it is in bulk form, it is going to dry out a bit while sitting in the 5lb. bag.  Cut, color, consistency, all the same from my observation. Now for the big question, taste? Well, for those of you out there that like to yell and shout until you are blue in the face that they are different, phooey I say. I taste no discernible difference in the tinned version vs. bulk, not one bit. They are both smooth, sweet and enjoyable. To anyone wanting to try this classic blend, I would recommend either the tin or the bulk. For ease of storage, tins are obviously the way to go, in the name of frugality go the bulk route for sure. 

I have an opinion on the Dunhill Tobacco Odyssey and the ever present debate in regards to Dunhill Tobacco in general. Personally, I don’t see why everyone needs to spend so much time complaining about which blender was better, and this one tastes different than that one. What happened to the old adage of “Like what you smoke, and smoke what you like.”? Tobacco is to be enjoyed and savored. It certainly should not be giving anyone an ulcer. To me it is simple, and maybe it is because I am a newbie, but if you don’t like the Orlik version, or you think the bulk taste nothing like the tinned, don’t smoke it. Stick with what you like and enjoy it. There is certainly no reason to brow beat someone because they like the current production and feel it is a quality product. My advice to the masses; Spend less time arguing about something out of our control, and more time enjoying something you love.




3 thoughts on “Dunhill….

  1. Justin,
    As you know I’m a big time Early Morning Pipe fan. I smoke it very regularly. I almost exclusively smoke tinned EMP now. But several years ago I smoked some bulk as well. My anecdotal experiences led me to believe there was a difference between tinned and bulk EMP. But I am not sure why there was a difference. There could be a variety of reasons. My most likely subjects was age of the representative samples. I figured the tinned I was smoking had been put up longer than the bulk. So I guessed I was comparing apples to oranges and the observations were invalid. Anyway, as you indicate in your blog, it’s a debate that rages on and will so. Very thought provoking.

    • What exactly should be specified? It’s a “BLOG”, which means I can write about anything that I want, including absolutely nothing. If you read the “About this Blog” section, you might have figured that out. Sorry that I didn’t provide you with anything worth reading, guess you should move on.

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