A call for help….

Pipe Lore Title Recently I published an article here about Pipe Lore and its importance to the pipe smoking community. Well, I fear that Pipe Lore may fall victim to the same complacency that has caused our precious hobby to decline in recent years. I would like this article to serve several purposes, but first among them is to reach out to everyone that has enjoyed and benefited from this venerable site, and appeal to your sense of community.

You will notice two very important things if you visit www.Pipelore.net, first is the lack of a news page this week. Let me touch on that for a moment. The news provided by Pipe Lore on a weekly basis is a result of many many hours of work on the part of its creator. Although this is at times a group endeavor, for the most part, the bulk of the time is put in by Corneel Vermeulen. There are endless lists of links to research, blog pages to read and forum threads to explore in order to put this page together for you, the reader, on a weekly basis. This is essentially a full time job, without the benefits of any compensation. Often, as simply readers, we fail to realize the time devoted to some of these sites and overlook that they have been created and maintained at the expense of the creators. We simply enjoy the benefits of the information provided, and take no stock of the effort placed into wrapping that information up into a nice, neat, readable package for us.

The second observation that you should all make is the call for help that is published on the main page of Pipe Lore. For any of you that have not had the opportunity to read this, here it is in its entirety;

Dear Pipe Lore readers,

Pipe Lore has been around for while. Started in June 2006, and went public in mid August of that same year. What started out as a small blog-formatted informational site has now gradually evolved into an online magazine.

Pipe Lore has grown considerably since those first early steps, both in readership as well in sheer size. Its ambition is to remain on top of everything pipe related, and expand further in the future. Many projects are in the works, but the Pipe Lore Crew has pretty much remained the same as in those early days.

Pipe Lore is looking for a few good men. Columnists, creative writers, the occasional essayist. All are welcome. We, here at Pipe Lore strive to deliver current and in depth articles about everything pipe related – currently on a weekly basis. As the site grows, so does the demand for more quality material. If you feel you have something you could contribute with, please don’t hesitate to contact us at pipelore@gmail.com, or use the comment box below.

This is an open invitation, let us know if you are interested.

I would like to appeal to everyone’s sense of community and encourage you to become a part of the Pipe Lore team. Be it an article, an essay, even forwarding links to significant news in the tobacco or pipe smoking world, it will help Pipe Lore continue to provide our community with an invaluable service. I have seen the stats for Pipe Lore, and this is a VERY active page. People read, browse and utilize Pipe Lore on a daily basis and it would be a shame to see such a unique community focused site fall by the wayside. I’m sure I will get flamed for this article at least some parts of it, but I feel that this all must be said. This is not JUST about Pipe Lore, we as a community need to become more pro-active in the defense of our hobby, and what better place to start than right here. If we allow such an informative site to fall through the cracks, it is only us that will suffer. I urge you to contact Corneel, offer up whatever assistance you can and keep Pipe Lore at the forefront of Community News. Sites like Pipe Lore are the backbone of our online community, if we allow that to fall apart, we loose whatever chance we have of ensuring that our beloved hobby will last long into the future.





One thought on “A call for help….

  1. Well said, Sparks. Unfortunatly ( & you know me well), prose, imagination ain’t anywhere near my strong points. I’ve seen so much well written contributions from others….hope they come forward.
    I most certainly applaud ya for the time/effort you put into your passion.

    regards, Ed from Batavia

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