Age is not just a number…

I have been sorting through my tobacco stock lately. Deciding on blends that I want to stock up on, and clearing out those that I have samples of either by finishing them, or giving the remnants away. So, I happened to be going through my tobacco drawer and came across some Virginia Reserve. Reserve is a blend done by my buddy Dick at Chief Catoonah. Its a very light VA/Per, and if I recall, contains less than 10% Perique in it. When I first tried the blend, it was not bad. I must admit that I have not been a huge VA/Per fan, and dabble in them for a change in pace, and even at that, it is seldom. Now this little pouch was probably a good 4 months old, as it was one of the first samplers I ordered. Well, seems the time sitting in the pouch has really helped this blend out because I smoked two bowls in a row the other day. Now we all know that aging helps many blends, but I have always been under the impression that this occurs on more of a long term basis after the 1 year mark for example. The difference with 4 months age on this tobacco was noticeable though. I would love to hear others experiences on this. What type of short term aging benefits have you noticed ?


2 thoughts on “Age is not just a number…

  1. Justin,
    There has been a lot of discussion on aging over the ages.. Many subscribe to the theory that aging stops when the seal is broken on a tin. I don’t know if that means tobacco doesnt’ improve after that or not. Also, I don’t know what /how pouches affect that as opposed to tins. Continuing, I don’t know if you open a tin, then take those contents and seal them in a jar, does aging start again. There’s certainly lots to think about in your random observation. I look forward to hearing/seeing the comments on this from your other readers. Regards, D

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