Estate Find… finally!

Well, I have been going to Estate Sales forever. Every once in awhile I find a book or some little trinket that I like, but for the life of me, never anything having to do with pipes. I hear of people that go to estate sales and walk out with a treasure trove of pipes and pipe accessories, but I have never had that joy.

So, today, while looking at the classifieds in the paper, we decided to take a little Friday afternoon drive and hit a couple of the local sales. We decided to attend both of the sales that were listed in the paper, and they turned out to be a no-go on the pipes or accessories. So, while driving back home, we saw a little sign on the side of the street for an Estate Sale. We figured, “What the hell”, it couldn’t hurt to check it out. After walking in, I figured this was a bust, there was hardly any furniture, nick knacks, books or much of anything else for that matter. So, we decided to head out and back to the home-front, “when what to my wondering eyes should appear…….”


Desktop Pipe Caddy

Ah yes, sweet victory was mine. I missed it on the way in because it was in a blind corner on top of a dresser. Luckily, walking out, it was smack dab in front of me. The guy running the sale must have thought I was a loon, because I ran up to it, grabbed it, and hugged it like it was my long lost best friend. He strolled over and said “So, ya like it?”. Of course I liked it, I LOVED it. “Well” he said, “We are tryin to get rid a’ this stuff, so Ill tell ya what, instead a’ $15, Ill let er’ go for $12.” I of course said sure, and ran to the car and squealed out in search of the nearest ATM.


I have a rule, when I go to an Estate Sale, I try not to go with any money. I figure if something there is good enough, and the people are decent, they will hold it until I run to the bank or the ATM. If they are unwilling, then screw em, it wasn’t worth it anyway.

So, after running to the bank, and withdrawing exactly $12, I sped back to the house and thrust my $12 out in front of me. I became the proud owner of a vintage Decatur Pipe Caddy. Natural Walnut with an accessory drawer and cabinet. I know these things are hard to come by, and even more so in the condition it’s in. I also know what they go for on E-Bay, but I will not be selling this, nooooo, it has got a place already. The only depressing part about the experience was the nice old guy telling me he threw all his pipes out a couple years back. Never know, if he had a halfway decent pipe caddy, he might have had some decent pipes. Oh well, such is life.




5 thoughts on “Estate Find… finally!

  1. Dang JB that is sweet!! Hope I’m not asking too much, but could you fire me some pics with the drawer open and some pics of the joinery? Maybe some overall height, depth, width?

    I’d LOVE to duplicate it the best I can!

    That baby rocks!! What a steal!

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