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Pipe Lore Main I’m well aware that many of you who read this blog regularly have seen links on Pipelore that directed you here. For those of you that are unaware though, Pipelore is the premier place for information about pipes, tobacco and anything associated with this hobby.

Pipelore was created by Corneel Vermeulen and is a maintained as a group endeavor by himself and others among the pipe smoking community. Corneel is not only very knowledgeable, but passionate about both the pipe smoking community and the future of this hobby. I have found him to not only be enjoyable to converse with, but also a good friend. Not only has he inspired much of my writing, he has often ensured that my grammar doesn’t make me sound like a “Dolt”.

News Page

If you want to know something about pipes, tobacco or just have a central source of information for all things in the pipe world, Pipelore is the place to go. The most  engaging part of Pipelore is the “New’s” page. With weekly updates, you are sure to get a good dose of information, without having to comb the web. If it is significant and it affects the pipe smoking community, it is sure to be in the weekly news run.

Pipe Lore Nav Bar

You will find a nice, easy to use interface when visiting Pipelore. A simple  navigation bar at the left will direct you to the various parts of Pipelore. With the “New’s” page topping off the list, you will also find a Beginners Corner with tips and tricks to get you going into the pipe smoking scene. Followed up by links for General Information, Countries of Origin and Materials. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, the search feature will come in handy.

So whether you are new to the hobby, or part of the “Old Guard”, Pipelore will appeal to all lovers of Pipes & Tobacco.  Take a peek at Pipelore and you might just learn something new today!


~ Justin


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