Pipes for Sale !!!


Seeing as this blog is for the benefit of all of you (at least in some way hopefully) I felt it only appropriate to help out a fellow pipe smoker and friend. Recently, my friend Ben Rosenfield had quite a collection up for sale and many of you may have seen this collection posted on ASP or MPC. Ben has put quite a dent into the collection through sales on both sites, however; I figured I would give him a little help if I could. Ben is a great guy and a pleasure to deal with, and you never know, you may find something you like. The remainder of the collection is predominantly GBD’s with a few random makers mixed in. The prices and descriptions are listed on his website. All pipes are for sale individually or as a lot. Shipping will depend on the amount purchased and Ben has stated that anyone interested in the entire collection will get a mega discount on the total. Take a few minutes and sneak a peak, there are some really nice puffers available. Click here: Ben Rosenfield’s Collection for Sale

Happy Puffin !

~ Justin


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