My B&M – Smoker’s Haven of the Southtown’s

Brian Many of you read my article awhile back on my local B&M. It was basic, more of a personal view of the shop and how it fits into my enjoyment of the hobby of pipe smoking. So, I figured a little follow up was in order. I know many of you who read this blog may be travelers, and to have a heads up on a good smoke shop is always helpful. So, I figured that if anyone has the misfortune of coming to Buffalo for some godforsaken reason, at least you will have a sanctuary.

Smoker’s Haven actually sits just outside of Buffalo to the south, in the suburb of West Seneca. The whole town has changed since I was a kid, and even more so since the days when my aunts and uncles called it their stomping ground. Union Road which is the main street through town is now a busy 5 lane thoroughfare with endless lines of traffic. Although West Seneca could never be called sleepy (at least not as long as I have been around) you used to be able to walk from Southgate Plaza to the town park without worrying about a stray car turning you into a pancake. Smokers Haven sits as a “diamond in the rough” amidst this hustle and bustle we call progress. Nestled in a small, circa 1960’s plaza, across from Mc Junk Food and next to Jackson Hewitt is my Saturday afternoon home. Tobacco Bar

The first thing you notice walking in is of course the amazing aroma of pipe  tobacco. Then again, with the tobacco bar sitting next to the door, it is a given that it will caress your senses. Brian the owner is sure to greet you as you walk into this little corner of heaven. The beauty of this shop is, its a Pipes & Tobacco shop first. Although Brian accommodated the cigar boom with a walk in humidor, you know after crossing the threshold that this shop is for us, this shop is for the pipe smokers. Why else would you be able to load your pipe up from the tobacco bar for free? The walls are adorned with advertisements from days gone by. The older smokers in our community I’m sure would remember seeing these same ads in magazines and newspapers. Those days are gone, but the shops like this that still exist help us remember a time when we could light up anywhere and not get a funny look.


Partagas Ad Among the walls covered with advertisements, are the heart and soul of this shop. Walls of pipes, a tobacco bar to die for and cases full of pipes, pipes and more pipes. You name it, Brian has it, or can get it for you. Among the racks of pipes you will find everything from Basket to Dunhill and Bjarne, Stanwell to Viprati. For us it is like being a kid in a candy shop, with endless opportunities to spend a night on the couch once you get home with an empty wallet. Among those pipes of course are Brian’s Handmade pipes, occupying the top row of the main case. Zippo’s, Old Boys, Collectible Pipes Colibri, fluid, flints, all variety of pipe accessory that you can imagine. Pipe racks and stands, tobacco pouches, pipe cleaning supplies, you name it, if you need it, you are sure to find it. When you go to the register to cash out, make sure to take a peek at the case behind the counter, where you will see Brian’s collection of antique pipes. It is truly a pleasure to see. Below is an extensive list of Brian’s offerings in the shop.


Pipe Brands

  • Armellini
  • Barling
  • Ben Wade
  • Bjarne

Bjarne Pipes

  • Caminetto
  • Charatan
  • Dunhill
  • Ferndown
  • GBD
  • Kaywoodie
  • La Roca
  • New Britania
  • Parker
  • Peterson
  • Radice
  • Sasieni
  • Savinelli
  • Stanwell
  • Viprati
  • SMS Meershaum
  • Paykoc Meershaum

Pipe Tobacco

  • Old Ashton Blends
  • MacBaren Bulk
  • MacBaren Tin’s
  • McClelland Tin’s
  • Peterson
  • Samuel Gawith
  • Lane Bulk Varieties
  • Altadis Bulk Varieties
  • Sail
  • Borkum Riff
  • Savinelli
  • Custom Blends

Specialty Tobacco Products

  • Stokkebye Cigarette Tobacco
  • Djarum
  • Nat Sherman

 SMS Meer

Now although it does not suit all of our tastes, it is only fair to mention the walk in humidor and the extensive cigar offerings that Smokers Haven has. You are sure to find anything to suit your tastes, ranging from the economy cigar, right up to the high end. If cigars are your taste, you’re sure to find the right flavor here. Need a place to keep your “Stogies” ? Well, Smokers Haven has a wide variety of humidors including Reed & Barton, Diamond Crown and Craftsman’s Bench.

Just a “few” of the Cigar OfferingsHumidor 1

  • A. Fuente
  • Macanudo
  • Punch
  • Cuesta Ray
  • Romeo y Julieta
  • Oliva
  • Fonseca
  • Partagas
  • Rocky Patel

and many many more !!


Full ShopWhether its pipes and tobacco you seek, a cigar or you need to stock up on those necessities, this is surely the place to go. So if your ever in Buffalo, on business or pleasure, do yourself a favor, take the short ride down to West Seneca and visit Smokers Haven.  Stop in to the place that can only be described as a true “Smokers Haven”.




3 thoughts on “My B&M – Smoker’s Haven of the Southtown’s

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed that article. I think Smoker’s Haven has been firmly placed on the map now. The only reason I would ever have to visit Buff, would be to pay you a visit. If I do, we will have to stop by Brian’s place and pick up a pipe or two along with some of his pipe weed.

  2. Nice advertorial there, Sparks :P.

    Actually, I am quite jealous. I wish we had a place like that here in Canada; unfortunately, the only places we have are ‘cigar emporiums’ and those are even few and far between…

  3. Will visit soon, need a driver now :also a pipester} Glad the shop and owner are alive and well. Thanks Lee

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