Do you jar ?

After having a discussion last week on MPC ( about jarring tobacco, I put a little more thought into my position on the matter. Now most people jar tobacco for the long haul. If you have a blend that you like in bulk, you buy a boatload of it and transfer it all into mason jars and stash it for Armageddon. Well of course, this is the obvious instance where you would jar up tobacco, but I do a little more.

I tend to buy a lot of tobacco in bulk form, and also a lot of samples of bulk tobacco in that ever present desire to find good cellaring tobacco. So, I usually wind up having a drawer full of 1-2 oz. baggies that if left alone, will turn dry like Sahara sand. So, in those instances, I jar it up. This can be a bit of a pain, jarring every single sample I get, but in the end I find it to be a good precaution. At the present moment, the majority of my “cellared” tobacco is actually samples that I have acquired. That is not to say that I don’t anticipate buying quantity to cellar, because if Uncle Sam is good to me, I’m spoiling myself on tobacco (cross your fingers).

My practice is, anytime I buy a sample I look at my open “sample” jars. If I feel there are too many and I wont get to my new sample soon enough, it gets jarred up. So, I have a drawer full of little jars full of samples. I also do the same with anything tinned that gets opened.

 Widemouth Elite

1/2 pint Platinum Collection Ball jars work perfect, they are short, wide mouthed and resemble a round 50 g. tin that has had too many cheeseburgers. I would recommend that if you have never seen these, look for them and try them out. My local Wal-Mart had them in the canning section, however; if you can find them locally, or god forbid you don’t have a Wally World close by, you can also find them here : Kitchen Krafts.


Because I have a tendency to get sidetracked with new blends, or a sample that came in that I really like, an open tin can dry up without me even realizing it. So, if I open a tin, and its not on the fast track to getting finished, it gets jarred as well. So I’m curious, am I crazy, or does anyone else out there do this as well ?



9 thoughts on “Do you jar ?

  1. I vacuum-seal my bulk in 4-ounce parcels with a Food Saver vacuum sealer (I also preserve jerky this way). I only keep about 2 ounces of each out at a time. I reseal the remaining 2 ounces. I hardly ever have more than 3-4 different types of tobacco out at a time.

    The tobacco that I keep out is kept in heavy-duty ziplock bags, which are in turn stuffed inside bale jars.

    I am currently looking into a different method of vacuum sealing using jars like the one you pictured. I have never seen that size before, but I will certainly be on the lookout for them. Where did you find it?

    Oh yeah, I’m getting a nice refund, and I’ve already started planning a big tobacco buy.

  2. Most of what I have sitting in jars, are 50g or 100g tins that I have been sampling, not immediately liked or simply left to avoid drying out.

    Where I’m at, we don’t really have anything in bulk, so jarring is for the most part, pointless. Leaving everything in their tins will do just fine as long as the vacuum seal is intact.

    I’ve started buying OGS in pouches as the flakes are footlongs and will jar nicely.

  3. I jar, but use rubber gasketed, bail latch jars for more frequent blends. I like this method for 4oz & smaller.

    Wonder if Target carries these ball jars?

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  5. I jar my bulk and use a something like the old canning method of jaring except I use a dishwasher. I set the dishwasher on a hot cycle and run the jars though. When it is in the last heat drying stage I start to take the jars out 1 at a time closing the door to keep the heat in. I fill the jar while it is hot and put the lid on. Then on to the next jar. So far this has worked out great for me.

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