Followup on McClelland #2020 – Matured Cake Mixture

As promised, I am providing the “after” portion of my “before & after” tobacco reviews. I have almost finished my 1oz. sample of this tobacco, with the exception of maybe a bowl or two.

I have enjoyed this tobacco very much. There have been a few things that pop out after working my way through this sample. First is the opportunity for tongue bite. I tend not to puff fast enough or hard enough to get bit, but I have noticed that right after light up with this weed, you can get a little nip, and the eager puffer might get a full fledged chomp on the tongue if not careful.

Second is that this is not really a blend for people that don’t enjoy Latakia. Now thats not to say that this blend is laden with the smoky condiment, but in order to pick up the nuances of the Latakia in this blend, you need to have an appreciation for the full fledged taste of it. Since I have been focusing more and more on Latakia blends, this blend has become even more enjoyable. Another important point that I made before was the lack of a dominating tobacco in this blend. This still holds true, but to me is what makes this so enjoyable. The tobacco’s really do work together well. There is a smooth creaminess to the flavor that although not a “wow”, is really just enjoyable. This blend has the ability to be a nice  sit down and read a book smoke, or a mysterious concentrate and find the flavors smoke, it can go either way.

Overall I would give this a 9 out of 10 for sure, the only reason it is not a 10 is that this is not “THE” tobacco in my rotation. It is tasty, has enough body to make it enjoyable and just enough subtle flavors to keep it interesting. This will find a place in my cellar (as soon as I get one together) for sure.


One thought on “Followup on McClelland #2020 – Matured Cake Mixture

  1. Yes, I agree that the McClelland 2020 is a very well balanced blend that can go either way, as you mentioned. Fact- when the tobaccos Xanthi and Latakia are well balanced together within a matured Virginia flake composed of Middle belt and Eastern belt leaf, something magic happens! It is a very refreshing smoke–more mellow as the pipe is smoked. The Virginias build in flavor. As for tongue bite–that will be diminished greatly if a nicely formed carbon cake is developed within the pipe, and the smoker refrains from drinking beverages that have either carbonated or acidic qualities. Using pipe cleaners during the smoke will wick away excess moisture. The broken flake of the 2020 will afford the smoker with the opportunity to change the rate of burn of the smoke by rubbing the flakes of tobacco until the right draw and burn is achieved. This is one of the original recipes of tobacco that Mr. Carl Ehwa developed and introduced in 1977 when the McClelland Tobacco company was founded. Back in those days, the number 2020 Oriental Virginia mixture was sliced rather thinner. -Best Regards

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