January Feature – Chief Catoonah Tobacconist

This will be the first of many recommendations of tobacconists and pipe stores. These may be on-line or b&m’s that I find in my travels. I hope that posting these, some of you may have the pleasure of patronizing them. Although I am by no means the biggest on-line shopper, the sites I use and post here will be top notch, in my opinion of course.

Chief Catoonah is an on-line tobacconist that was recommended by a brother of the briar over at www.my-pipes.com. The following was taken from Chief Catoonah’s Homepage:

“Hello!! Welcome to Chief Catoonah Tobacconists. How can I help you? That is the same way we greeted our first customer more than 30 years ago when we opened our door to our 200 square foot store in Ridgefield, Connecticut. At that time we offered ten tobacco blends, had about 40 pipes for sale and less than a dozen different cigar brands. For more than 15 years the primary focus was serving the pipe customer with new blends and a diverse selection of pipes. As business grew the store moved to larger space, many new tobacco blends we developed, the selection of pipes was significantly expanded and more cigar brands were added to the humidor. Alas, in 2005 the time was right to close the “Brick & Mortar” store. It was indeed a sad event for me to say good bye to the many fine people I had gotten to know over the many years.”

I have become a regular customer of theirs, and thanks to their Middlebury Mixture, I don’t think Latakia tastes like dirty socks anymore. (Thats for another discussion.)

I highly recommend several of their Unique Hand blended Tobacco’s and I promise you will not be disappointed. Dick is great to deal with, prompt in returning emails and is just a hell of a guy !!


Enjoy !!


3 thoughts on “January Feature – Chief Catoonah Tobacconist

  1. No. If you look at the site, their Unique Tobacco’s are hand blended by Dick himself. Some of their “Fine Selected” are repacked McClelland.

    I will never tell which though !! 🙂

    Not abnormal though. Every B&M that I know of does the same thing. Im sure this will be a topic of a soon to come discussion.

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